Environment And Sanitation

(i) General Sanitation – The General sanitary condition of Cantonment Board is satisfactory. Cantonment Board, Ranikhet has secured 17th Rank (All India Cantonment Board Rank) in Swachh Survekshan 2020. Cantonment Board, Ranikhet has been declared open defecation free area w.e.f. 31st Aug 2017 Ranikhet Cantt Board self declared ODF++ area. Third Party verification under process.

 (ii) Ban on Use of Polythene – Use of polythene bags is totally banned. A team has been constituted by this office for the visit of Cantonment area time to time for catching the offenders.

(iii) Efforts being made to Improve Solid Waste Management – Front side of Waste Processing Site developed as beautiful Park. A shed has been installed at a waste processing site for segregation of waste. Aerobic Composting is being done for proper disposal of biodegradable waste. 52 compost pits have been made in residential areas, so that compost can be made on the site and expenditure in transportation can be reduced. Vertical Hydraulic Compactor has been installed for proper disposal of waste. Plastic waste is being sent for recycling after compacting through Vertical Hydraulic Compactor for proper disposal of plastic waste.02 E-Rickshaw have been purchased through MLA’s fund for Door to Door garbage collection in Sadar Bazar area. 

(iv) Special efforts for prevention of CoronaVirus – All areas under cantonment limits are being sanitized regularly. To prevent the spread of CoronaVirus regular announcements are being made regarding wearing of face mask, regular hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and social distancing. Protective gears (PPE) have been provided to all the staff. 

(v) Tree Plantation -Cantt. Board, Ranikhet is maintaining a reserved forest of 2534.41 acres. Total 10000 saplings were planted during the year. Survival rate was 95.5% 14000 different flower plants have been seeded at Company Bagh for plantation in upcoming monsoon season. 15 old Chal Khal have been renovated and 15 new chal khal have also been prepared for increasing the capacity of water storage.